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Usher Audio ML-801


149 000,00 kr


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Forty Years of Accumulated Expertise

Since its inception over forty years ago, USHER has been at the forefront of speaker design and technological innovation as exemplified by our proprietary Diamond DMD technology. From our budget-friendly S-520 model to our flagship TD series, our name is internationally recognized as synonymous with quality, value, and refinement. USHER understands that the foundation of a high end speaker system is sonic performance with affordable pricing. With the release of the ML series, our decades of experience have coalesced into a system that represents the pinnacle of audio excellence, an achievement that positions USHER as a leader and innovator in the high-end audio industry.


USHER is proud to introduce the ML series with our new magnesium alloy tweeter and magnesium-lithium alloy mid-range drivers, which offers extended highs and mid-range clarity on a smaller budget. The ML series is a more budget friendly alternative to our acclaimed, cost no object TD series.


The ML-801 model is a three-way, three-driver design with one 8” woofer. The ML-802 model is a three-way, four-driver design, with two 8-inch woofers. Both speakers are very amplifier-friendly at 87db and 90db respectively. They match wonderfully with both tube and solid state electronics.


The Magnesium Alloy Tweeter

Magnesium is lightweight to Beryllium, and is used extensively in the aerospace industry. It is ideal at minimizing internal loss, and has excellent heat conduction properties. Borrowing technology from our acclaimed Diamond DMD tweeter design, we have successfully developed this new 1.25 inch tweeter with extended-high frequency response to 38kHz.


The Magnesium – Lithium Mid-Range driver

With a wealth of experience from the R&D of our DMD driver, we have broken scientific barriers again with our magnesium – lithium alloy blend of mid-range drivers.


Magnesium – lithium alloy is a marvel of modern metals. This incredibly light material has lower density than magnesium, and yet maintains the same high tensile strength. Making a 5” cone with this material is no easy task. The result is low distortion, crystal clear and boxless music reproduction.


The Hybrid Carbon Fiber Woofer

Our hybrid carbon fiber woofer cone utilizes lightness of paper and the rigidity of Carbon Fiber, making it capable of lightning-fast movements and air displacement. As a result of this hybrid design, you can expect to hear excellent low-bass extension, resolution, and dynamics.


Crossover Network – Refined Technology, Premium Components

For seamless integration across the bandwidth, the ML series crossover point was designed at 2.1kHz to 380Hz to avoid the separation within the mid-range frequency to avoid unwanted resonance. All of the components in the crossover, wirings, and anti-oxidizing binding posts are handpicked just for the ML series.


Beautiful Form & function – From Design to Construction

When it comes to our ML series, every detail is designed with purpose. The front baffle is slanted for time alignment. Structure is curved and multi-layered for resonance control, and rigidity. Internal bracings are precision milled from a single block of MDF for maximum structural integrity. No detail is overlooked.


The cabinet is finished with a transparent lacquer evoking the majesty of a fine musical instrument, the finished sheen of the piece reflecting the extraordinary refinement of the ML series. The top of the unit is capped off with a low-wear glass panel that emphasizes the unit’s elegance. The base is a thick piece of solid steel, rarely seen even in much higher priced speaker systems.


The ML series is not only a system that strives for the pinnacle of sound and performance, the craftsmanship and artistry are also second to none. These levels of quality can only be found in speakers costing many times over, if any. This is truly a new generation of audio excellence.

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