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Origin Live Zephyr


13 500,00 kr


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Origin Live Zephyr is a considerable advance on the Silver arm. A stiffer arm tube and higher-grade materials in the yoke and arm base improve the definition and impact of notes, particularly in the bass which is tighter, lower and weightier than the silver. However, all aspects of the music are improved by a more sophisticated costly approach to each component.


Arm Tube is a high-grade aircraft alloy to reduce the effect of resonance. This has the enormous benefit of allowing your cartridge to function correctly without unwanted movements caused by resonance.


Superior Yoke design encompassing higher grade material and precision tolerancing for the fit of bearings. This results in an incredibly transparent arm with superb tonal balance. Finally, the yoke is mirror polished and finished in chrome.


Bearings are highly researched and purpose made to our specifications.


Materials Throughout the Arm are upgraded from the Silver with superior and more costly to machine alloys.


A High Strength Rear-stub improves counterweight stability in vibration – thus enabling the arm tube to hold the cartridge more steadily. The result is an increase in dynamics and a sense of power and control in the bass.


Integral VTA Adjuster consisting of a threaded top nut above the arm-board and clamping nut underneath the arm-board.


Falling Weight Side bias. Tests show this to be the highest performing method of achieving side bias. It has lower friction, better constant force and lower resonance than other alternatives such as magnets, springs, levers and twisted threads.


Internal Wiring is high-grade copper Litz wire, Cryogenically frozen to reduce discontinuities in the conductors. This wire allows great transparency, detail and freedom from artefacts.

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