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Origin Live Renown


329 000,00 kr


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Ever since Origin Live was founded in 1986, Mark Baker has placed particular emphasis on continuous innovation. When it came to creating another tonearm beyond compare, the design team at Origin Live were inspired by the opportunity. In anticipation of it’s extreme performance capability, the new super-arm was named Renown.


Sparing no expense opened up the possibilities to employ exotic materials – such as those used to machine the super-alloys in space craft.


Recent advances in production processes also enabled component designs hitherto deemed unthinkable.


The results are staggering. Improvements were expected, but not on the scale that even early prototypes demonstrated. Continuous development matured the design to the point that this was unquestionably a remarkable landmark in Vinyl replay.


In summary the Origin Live Renown offers a very special musical experience but also beautiful design. We invite you to audition the Renown and enjoy it for yourself.


Our Signature


A tonearm from Origin Live is anything but ordinary. The transformation of materials into a musical device is complex. Driven by a deep seated curiosity we have always turned to listening tests to determine the secrets of material selection, shape and treatment.


We recognize that opportunities offered by new technologies are only the beginning. Decades of creating award winning designs have always followed the same exploratory steps. Every detail and design principle requires testing against numerous alternatives to ensure absolute performance for your investment. The Renown is no exception and the results will give it’s listeners a very special experience for generations.

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