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Cyrus Hark MkIII


14 000,00 kr

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Cyrus Hark III 4 Shelf Hi-Fi stand is a sturdy rack designed to be used with up to eight Cyrus components. The construction has been designed so that vibration is at an absolute minimum to prevent any audio interference in your setup.


This rack comes with four shelves and the height can be adjusted according to personal preference and the space available. You can accommodate up to 8 Cyrus units by adding additional shelves.


Using highly absorbent cyruthane material pads throughout the stand suppresses unwanted vibrations and prevents audio disruption in your system.  The Cyrus Hark III 4 shelf Hi-Fi stand features a solid metal base for ultimate stability.


The columns are sturdy, built with similar metal materials. Spikes ensure security even on carpeted flooring. To further simplify your experience, Hark 4 comes pre-assembled, simply finish by slotting in shelves as required.


The Hark III conveniently allows you to have your cables out of view for a neater aesthetic. Simply feed your cables across the back of each shelf arm into the concealed space built into the column.

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