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Thales EASY


44 000,00 kr

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The Easy tonearm is named, as it is an easy way to enter the world of perfect analogue tracking. The design of the Easy tonearm enables a variable offset angle and this is based on a newly developed and highly innovative geometry.


The clever arrangement of six bearing points creates three null points for the horizontal tracking error, plus a zero point for the variable offset angle as well and this is really unique for a tonearm design. This means the cartridge is guided along the ideal tracing line just like that of a parallel tracking tonearm. As well as perfect tracking, side forces are reduced tremendously and this is clearly audible when listening to the EASY tonearm.


  • Tracking error: ±0,4°
  • Offset angle: ±12°
  • Bearing with five axis and eight micro ball bearings
  • Fine-adjustment-mechanism for VTA
  • Black anodized aluminium parts
  • Effective length: 9 inches
  • Effective tonearm mass: 10g
  • Very flexible internal wiring, purest copper
  • Integrated 5-pin-DIN-connector
  • Delivered incl. protractor

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