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Heco Celan Revolution 32A Subwoofer


14 500,00 kr

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HECO Celan Revolution 32A, subwoofer, high-performance active subwoofer with 30 cm long-throw woofer and high-power Class D amplifier unit


A 300 mm bass chassis, which is driven by a High Power Class D amplifier, makes this HECO active subwoofer a staple in the Celan Revolution home cinema setup. Bass enthusiasts who cannot enjoy a home cinema spectacle without the proper rumbling in their stomach need look no further than the Celan Revolution Sub 32A. The MDF housing has been designed in a particularly sturdy manner and provided with internal bracing to prevent disruptive resonance from occurring during reproduction of the huge bass range. In keeping with the other speakers in the series, the active subwoofer is also available in selected real wood veneers and high-quality finishes.


Special Features

  • High-performance powered subwoofer with 30 cm long-throw woofer and high-power class D amplifier
  • Modern design combined with stylish surfaces
  • Cloth protection cover with hidden magnetic mount

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