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Heco La Diva


95 000,00 kr

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La Diva, 3-way speaker with passive radiators


The flagship of the Heco product range combines the full experience and expertise of the brand. Traditional materials that represent state-of-the-art technology through consistent development, together with components perfected with the latest technology to guarantee maximum sound quality. All of this combined with perfect craftsmanship and packed in a timeless, yet contemporary exterior.


The 30 mm polyfibre compound dome reproduces frequencies well above 50 kHz, while the midrange driver with its strong AlNiCo magnet represents a reference standard in terms of dynamics and resilience. The lower end of the frequency scale is defined not only by 2 x 200 mm woofers, but also four passive radiators in the same format - down into the subsonic range.


All of this is packaged in a solid enclosure with an acoustically perfect cross-section and workmanship that is second to none. Cool black, in exquisite piano lacquer of course, contrasts with solid aluminum elements, which set standards not only visually, but also in terms of construction.


Special Features

  • State-of-the art chassis technology: Fluktus tweeter and kraft-paper diaphragms in the mid and low-range frequencies
  • 2 x 200 mm woofers plus 4 x 200 mm bass radiators, midrange driver with Alnico magnet
  • Connection terminal with bi- and tri-wiring and bi- and tri-amping option
  • Enclosure with a genuine piano lacquer finish
  • Solid enclosure with streamlined cross-section prevents resonances
  • Base plate with protective side elements made of solid aluminium

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