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NAGRA HD Amplifier


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NAGRA HD AMP Statement power amplifier


The Nagra HD AMP was designed for ultimate high-end systems that are able to reproduce music with the utmost fidelity. The HD AMP consists of mono amplifiers capable of driving the most demanding speakers and transcending their performance.


The HD AMP came from the need of bringing Nagra’s signature transparency to more powerful amplifiers so as to accommodate even larger rooms and less sensitive speakers


The power supply goes to extremes to make sure the amplifier is stable and can deliver high power at any time. It is built around a 1600 VA transformer. In Nagra’s own tradition it is followed by a multiple diode stage and a very complex dual PI filter. This allows the amplifier voltage rails to be extremely stable. In addition, the current draw from the HD AMP is not polluted by impulse signals, so the rest of the set-up can perform at its best. The dual Pi filter acts like a protective shield between the HD AMP and the mains.

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