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Grado Labs RS1x


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Leading the way for our 4th generation X Drivers, the redesigned RS1x combines Maple, Hemp, and Cocobolo wood into a vivacious and elegant headphone.


Let’s dive into this open-back, over-ear headphone that, true to Grado fashion, stands out in the audio industry. Grado marches to its own beat, focusing on what it deems crucial rather than chasing trends. The RS1x is a testament to this philosophy—familiar yet different, evolving within Grado’s unique methods. The RS1x embraces “less headphone, more driver” by incorporating a mix of Maple, Hemp, and Cocobolo woods, resulting in a smaller yet rigid housing. Inside, the X Series driver, enhanced magnetic circuit, and reduced mass promise improved response time. The design, with its distinctive metal gimbal and sliding pin on a thin headband, retains Grado’s characteristic simplicity.


Despite its reduction in size and mass, the RS1x maintains a solid feel, deviating from the common sleek and metallic designs. Grado’s focus on two drivers in free space delivers a listening experience unlike any other at its price point. Tonally natural, it handles voices and instruments with unshowy believability. The larger driver brings effortless heft, invigoratingly rapid response, and an impressive three-dimensionality to the sound.


The RS1x’s sensitivity makes it compatible with a range of headphone amps, though careful volume adjustment is advised. Grado’s mastery of tempo and timing ensures an engaging, emotional, and cerebral experience. The RS1x retains the essence of Grado’s unique sound while becoming more user-friendly.


Signature Sound

Pulling everything we can from the new 50mm X Driver, our signature sound is brought to new heights when combined with maple, hemp, and cocobolo. Maple takes care of most of the work, hemp smooths out top and low ends, while cocobolo adds that extra punch. Together the sound the woods produce, when combined with our special processes, are full-bodied, dynamic, and truly defined.



  • L-Cushions
  • White stitched leather headband
  • De-stressed driver
  • Drivers matched .05db
  • Maple /Hemp /Cocobolo wood housing
  • Durable 8-conductor cable
  • Tri-wood design
  • Hand assembled in Brooklyn


X Series Drivers

The RS1x is the first headphone to be built with the larger 50mm X Drivers. Specifically tuned for the tri-wood RS1x, this new speaker design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Reengineering these components for our 50mm drivers improve efficiency, reduces distortion, and preserves the harmonic integrity of your music.


New Cable & Headbands

Along with the speakers, the cables and headband have been redesigned for the RS1x. Housed in a more durable exterior, the now super annealed copper 8-conductor cable reveals even more of your music with improved purity. The new black leather headband features a white-stitched accent.


Hand Assembled in Brooklyn

Founded on a kitchen table in 1953, and working with wood for over a quarter century, Grado Labs has been perfecting the art of sonic reproduction every day since. This RS1x has traveled from workbench to workbench until ready for your ears. Every experience since that kitchen table has led to the creation of the RS1x.

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