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Grado Labs GW100x Wireless Headphone


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Our first wireless headphone becomes even better with Bluetooth 5.2, longer battery, and our new X Drivers. Nothing is lost except the wires.


When you snag your pair of Grado’s open-back GW100x headphones, you’ll discover a message on the box interior proudly proclaiming the company’s six-decade legacy as a family-run business in Brooklyn. The design of these headphones echoes our heritage, boasting a no-frills aesthetic with circular grills, a smooth black-leather headband, and a commitment to delivering exceptional sound.


Grado has introduced 44mm drivers, redesigned speaker housings, and support for the aptX Adaptive codec, enhancing the overall performance. However, the design philosophy for the GW100x prioritizes functionality over flamboyance, and we've maintained a stripped-back aesthetic that exudes an industrial, hard-edged feel. The lightweight design offers practical features like an in-built microphone for voice calls and robust up-and-down slider mechanism for easy adjustments, a choice between wired and wireless connections, and an impressive 46-hour battery life at 50% volume.


Perfect for at home listening, the GW100x delivers as expected from Grado, offering a rich and detailed audio experience. Whether used wirelessly or with the 3.5mm jack-equipped cable, the headphones excel in reproducing diverse musical genres with clarity and precision. If you prioritize top-notch audio in a quiet environment, the GW100x is worth considering, despite its unconventional design and features.


2 Days to Tune Out

With a more efficient battery and Bluetooth 5.2, the GW100x can now play music for nearly two days straight. Matching our GT220, USB-C is now included, bringing the GW100x in line with global charging standards. The upgraded chipset allows more information to flow from your device to the GW100x, all while maintaining a strong connection.



  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.2
  • Mic and voice control
  • 46 hour battery
  • Drivers matched .1db
  • Touch controls
  • Voice assistant
  • De-stressed drivers
  • WS cushions


X Series Driver

4th Generation Grado drivers are here. Specifically tuned for the wireless GW100x, this new speaker design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Reengineering these components for our 44mm drivers improve efficiency, reduces distortion, and preserves the harmonic integrity of your music.


Milestone After Milestone

The GW100 are the worlds first open-back Bluetooth headphones. Their speaker housings and internals have been designed from the ground up, now working in tandem to notably diminish escaping sound by up to 60%.** There is a design language that’s seen throughout all of our headphones since we released our first one in 1991. The GW100x continues this, looking like it’s part of the family simply at a glance. These wireless Grado headphones are a milestone in our seven decade history.


Music, Voice, Volume, Calls

Ignore that one person you’re avoiding and leave your phone in your pocket. The GW100x is capable of letting you control your volume and music playback right at your ear. If your device allows, you can activate your voice assistant and also answers calls. Or ignore them, you know, for that one person.

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