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Cardas Clear Bi-Wire Jumpers


4 600,00 kr

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Our flagship bi-wire jumpers. Clear Bi-wire Jumpers use Clear speaker conductor, arranged like a very short Clear speaker cable.

As with Clear speaker cable, Clear Bi-wire jumpers use multi-stranded concentric conductors. The outside of one concentric conductor is tied to the inside of the other for each lead (positive & negative). This is why the positive and negative leads are bundled together and can not be separated.

As Clear Speaker Cable can't be bi-wired, these are ideal for using Clear with bi-wire speakers. However they are excellent bi-wire jumpers for any situation, regardless of the speaker cable you're using, Cardas or otherwise. Sold in pairs, as pictured above.

Clear Jumpers measure 10” (25.4cm).

Standard Termination: Cardas spades or bananas forged using 10,000psi in Bandon Oregon.

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