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TAGA Harmony TTA-1000B


21 000,00 kr


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TTA-1000B is a 2 x 30W Class A high-end integrated vacuum tube amplifier get the most of the tubes world!

NEW FEATURES (compared to TTA-1000)

  • High-performance PSVANE KT88*, ECC83 and 6SN7 vacuum tubes from the Classic series to ensure the best performance - a very warm, linear and lifelike sound with high dynamic presentation at the same time. KT88 tubes in the output stage (with the fixed grid load) and a ECC83 tube preamp section, composed of 6SN7 long-tail phase inversion drive circuit.
    * KT120 ready 
  • Bluetooth® - to wirelessly stream music from smartphones, tablets or computers


  • Sleek aluminum front panel design suitable for most interiors.
  • Class A amplification to provide the best linearity, signal gain, efficiency and power output.
  • Audiophile-grade coupling capacitors: Evox for input tubes and Wima for connecting driver tubes with the output amp, and Rubycon capacitors in the amp section.
  • High-quality toroidal EI broadband sound output transformer provides voltage stability and constant and immediately-available energy at any volume level.
  • Independent rectifier and filter circuits in the supply power for both channels.
  • The audiophile grade ALPS volume potentiometer ensures minimal noises and channels crosstalk and has excellent operational feel and limits errors between the two channels.
  • Ceramic tube sockets with gold-plated contacts to get the most of the tubes.
  • 3 analog inputs with high-end solid machined brass RCA sockets including a turntable input (both MM and MC cartridges) to enjoy music from vinyl records.
  • High-end, gold-plated speaker terminals accept raw speaker cables up to 10AWG and most popular types of connectors.
  • Preamplifier output dedicated for an optional external power amplifier or powered subwoofer and speakers.
  • Removable Schuko-IEC C13 power cable gives an option to upgrade the system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.
  • Aluminum remote controller.


The TTA-1000B sound is very linear, warm, natural and fresh with a deep multidimensional soundstage and high dynamics.
Enjoy the analog sound at its best – Enjoy the TTA-1000B!

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