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TAGA Harmony TRI-200


645,00 kr


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Because music signals are continuous streams of analog data, in case of any disruption or errors during transmission through an RCA audio cable there is no chance to replace any missing part of the audio signal. It is crucial to use a high grade analog RCA audio interconnect cables that preserve more information and significantly improve sound quality.


Thanks to their specific design, high-quality materials (4N purity oxygen free copper conductors, pure copper gold-plated plugs) and very low capacitance and inductance, high-performance the TAGA Harmony TRI-200 RCA audio cables do not disrupt signal flow in any range of sound frequencies.


The sound is clear and neutral with tight, powerful bass and a rich midrange with ultra-clear and spacious highs.


Recommended for demanding stereo and home stereo systems.


0.5 m, 1 m pair

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