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TAGA Harmony TAV-607S


1 500,00 kr


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New Generation Audio-Video series


The new generation Audio-Video series is not an evolution of its predecessors - it is a completely new approach to the design and sound of this line. Audio-Video has been a leader in its price group for years, in terms of fine design and sound offered in affordable prices. The style, materials and sound quality of the next Audio-Video generation further strengthen its position as a leader in this segment and far beyond.


When designing the TAV-S our objective was to create an eye-catching speaker with a great sound, which would be offered in a budget price which is a hallmark of the Audio-Video series. 


As always we mostly focused on intensive listening tests and sound adjustments rather than on creating perfect specifications on paper because music and generally sound is about emotions, feelings and passion. The final outcome resulted in a speaker which offers well controlled and defined bass, smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as a very open and airy soundstage, which is so crucial for the stereo sound as well as for multichannel music and movies.


TAGA Harmony TAV-607S with its detailed and rich high frequencies coupled with open and natural midrange backed by good bass is ideal for performing stereo music as well as movie soundtracks and multichannel music with lifelike dynamics and clarity.


TAV-S proudly continues the heritage of its predecessors and proves that our Audio-Video series is one of the best bargains in speakers ever!


KEY FEATURES and changes compared to the previous generation 

  • 2nd generation TLIE-I enclosure (Taga Low Interference Enclosures) –more rigid structure to limit unwanted resonances: thicker 18 mm MDF front baffle (was 15 mm). 
  • New high-quality enclosure damping material to better break up the standing waves, lower resonances and limit distortions what improves the smoothness and characteristics of sound in all ranges. 
  • TAGA Harmony new logo badge placed on the cabinet front panel, which is elegant and shows our strive and passion for perfect harmony of sound performance.
  • Upgraded 1” (25 mm) silk dome high-frequency driver with oversized Φ70 magnet, ferrofluid cooling and heavy duty copper voice coil can handle high power and its performance is very accurate, clear, smooth, detailed and airy sound.
  • 2nd generation TWG-I tweeter faceplate  (Taga WaveGuide) - specialized horn-like design of the tweeter's faceplate utilizing concave diffusers assists with equal and flat dispersion of sound in and off the axis of the driver. In the newest edition the shape and depth have been redesigned to allow better flow of sound stream and even wider dispersion which helps to build a more three-dimensional and natural soundstage. Minimizing the number of components means better structural rigidity, lower distortions and resonances.
  • Upgraded 4” (102 mm) bass-midrange driver – ultra-light polypropylene cone with elastic rubber suspension provide fast movement and smooth, rich and very natural midrange frequency response as well as generate good bass. Heavy duty voice coil and Φ70 magnet can stand high temperatures and power inputs. The flat dust cap supports air flow and smoothens the frequency response.
  • Wall mount – factory wall mount offers ability for easy and fast installation on walls or other structures.

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