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TAGA Harmony PF-1000DC


3 500,00 kr


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PF-1000DC power filter combines functions of power noise filtering and the DC component blocking.

The electricity network in our homes or workplaces is exposed to different interferences for instance electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by appliances connected to the same network (refrigerators, air conditioners, computers etc.).
These interferences are not only produced inside your house or office but by all appliances in your building or even outside it and can differ on the time of day or week when the traffic on the electrical network changes.
All these interferences which we call noises can get into your AC power and interfere with your system.
This “dirty” electricity can have a negative effect on performance of your audio-video system.

TAGA Harmony power noise filter is a great way to limit the negative noises from your electricity and to isolate your system from the contaminated power and has a feature to indicate and reverse the power phase in power sockets.

Built-in DC blocker removes or at least lowers the unwanted DC component of the supply voltage in the selected output power sockets, responsible for noises (buzzing) and higher operational temperature of transformers, which deteriorate the sound quality.
In the result, the connected audio-video devices work more quietly and efficiently as well as mains hum in speakers is significantly being reduced.

Thanks to the PF-DC power filters you will be able to enjoy a better quality of your audio and video equipment.

The contaminated electricity has also a negative impact on internal circuits and power supplies of your equipment and because the PF-DC filter works as a buffer between the wall socket and your gear helping to increase the longevity of the connected components.

The voltage indicator located on the front panel of the PF-DC filter helps to control whether the power voltage in the wall socket is stable.
The removable Schuko-IEC C13 power cable gives an option to upgrade the system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.


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