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TAGA Harmony HTA-700B V.3 USB


5 500,00 kr


Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





The HTA-700B v.3 USB combines the analog sound of tubes with the power of transistors to give the best sound at the price!

• Sleek aluminum design is suitable for most interiors.
• Hybrid design utilizing two 5BK7 vacuum tubes (made in the U.S.A.) in the preamp section and transistors ensures a very warm, linear and lifelike sound with high dynamic presentation.
• High-performance and high-power toroidal 150W transformer provides stable, constant and immediately-available energy at any volume level and allows to properly drive different types of speakers.
• High grade capacitors (2 x 50V/3300uF) ensure stable playback improving music tone and sound field depth.
• Audiophile Wima capacitors used on the input to and output from the tubes as well as for the tone regulators.
• Audiophile grade Japanese ALPS volume potentiometer provides minimal noises and channels crosstalk and has excellent operational feel and limits errors between the two channels.
• Oversized aluminum heat sink system (independent heat sink for each channel) helps to disperse internal heat and allows for long term high power playback with limited distortions.
• Bluetooth® - to wirelessly stream music from smartphones, tablets or computers.
• 2 analog inputs and digital inputs: optical and USB. The USB input supports digital audio files up to 32bit/768kHz or up to DSD512 to play music stored on computers or smartphones.
• Preamplifier output dedicated for an optional external power amplifier, a powered subwoofer or active speakers.
• All RCA sockets are gold-plated.
• The high-end class, gold-plated speaker terminals offer almost lossless audio signal transmission to the speakers.
• High-fidelity headphone preamplifier for those who prefer discrete listening.
• Aluminum remote controller.
• IEC C14 power inlet and a removable Schuko-IEC C13 power cord an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.



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