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TAGA Harmony HTA-25B 2022


3 200,00 kr


Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





HTA-25B kombinerar rör och transistorer för att ge så bra ljud som möjligt för pengarna. Den har  funktioner som t.ex. blåtand, hörlursförstärkare, usb-port för uppspelning av musik direkt från usb-minne och ljudutgång för t.ex. inkoppling av subwoofer. Bas- och diskantkontroller finns på framsidan.


HTA-25B is a 25-W / 4Ω high-fidelity but still affordable hybrid integrated amplifier utilizing two 6P1 and two 6N1 tubes in the preamp section and transistors at the output.


  • Bluetooth® - to wirelessly stream music from smartphones, tablets or computers.
  • Class A/B hybrid design utilizing vacuum tubes in the preamp section and transistors in the output to ensure a very warm, linear and lifelike sound with high dynamic presentation.
  • Sleek aluminum front and side panels design suitable for most interiors.
  • Ceramic tube sockets to get the most of the tubes.
  • 120W toroidal power transformer provides large amounts of clean power, high voltage stability and verylow AC ripple current. This reflects in higher dynamics and extra pure energy and greater abilities to properly drive different range of speakers.
  • Headphone output for those who prefer discrete listening.
  • USB input - to quickly and easily play music from a USB flash drive (supports MP3 / WAV / WMA / AMR / APE / FLAC / OGG files).
  • 2 analog inputs with gold-plated RCA sockets.
  • High-end banana speaker terminals accept raw speaker cables up to 10AWG and most popular types of connectors.
  • Treble/Bass sound regulation - to perfectly adjust the sound to your preferences.
  • Removable Schuko-IEC C13 power cable gives an option to upgrade the system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.


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