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Shahinian Acoustics Hawk 2 Ensemble


240 000,00 kr

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Hawk Subwoofer

The HAWK Subwoofer is essentially one-half of a DOUBLE EAGLE, turned 90° and inverted. In addition, the built-in filter module provides several crossover options. All can be bypassed for bi-amp function. The HAWK is not only to expand our product line, but also to solve specific problems and provide options previously unavailable.

To begin: All who have a central fireplace or large-screen TV can now place the split HAWKS in the standard left-and-right room locations. This permits one to make a variety of satellite choices, such as locating them directly on top of the HAWK, or at some desired distance, thereby allowing the HAWK to be utilized as a pedestal for lamps or vases, etc. Their slender, vertical disposition suggests surround sound suitability as well. A pair of HAWKS and SUPER ELVES can be set up in a few minutes by means of a short umbilical, or longer if the alternate pedestal usage is preferred.  This makes a wonderful matched system, by the way, both acoustically and visually. If startup cost is limited, an even more modest form of temporary satellite is possible.

The appearance of the HAWK brings us one step closer to the completion of our modular building-block program and becomes the foundation, the very nucleus of that program. The final ingredient in the plan is the companion HAWK Module. And that brings us to the conclusion of an ambitious program which heralds flexibility never thought possible. At last, an exciting yet affordable plan that lets you aim as high or as low as you wish, and select precisely what you want.

Hawk Module

The HAWK Module is nothing less than a meticulous reduction of the DIAPASON Module. The essential geometry has been retained, only the complement of drive elements reduced. The HAWK Module contains 8 drivers as compared to the DIAPASON'S 14. The characteristic tone color is similar though a touch less opulent. The objective was to provide a modest alternative to the DIAPASON forfeiting little in the way of performance parameters. And though designed as a perfect companion to match the HAWK Subwoofer, it may be used with the DOUBLE EAGLE Subwoofer as well. A thorough reading of our DIAPASON literature should cover the basic philosophy of the HAWK as well, since they share salient features.

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