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Shahinian Acoustics Diapason 2 Ensemble


385 000,00 kr

Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





From a whisper to a scream, the biggest Shahinian presents music in the correct scale. Instruments have the correct tonal as well as timbral quality. Effortlessly unforced presentation.

Five way system. 18 drivers. Dual bass cabinet. Seperate mid/treble and bass cabinets. Can be driven with multiple amps. No parallel internal surfaces to eliminate standing waves.

The upper module is an asymmetric prism with unequal rakes, fore and aft; and equal rakes, left and right. The entire outer skin of this prism contains 14 seperate loudspeaker, from 5 1/4" miniwoofers all the way to 3/8" supertweeter domes. The electrical distribution is a four-stage brnach of first and third order filters, resulting in a phase correct seamless transition from about 125Hz to 22,000Hz.


Four 5 1/4" midrange drivers, two 1 1/2" Titanium dome high midrange drivers, two 3" low tweeters and six 1/2" W-shaped Titanium dome super tweeters. Designed to fit atop the Double Eagle subwoofer. Cabinet constructed of 13-ply Finland Birch, and electrical distribution is four stage branch circuit of first and third order filters for minimum phase function.

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