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Cardas Clear Reflection Speaker


23 000,00 kr

Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





Designed to blend the best of Golden Reference with the benefits of Clear and Matched Propagation technology. This cable has the richness and musicality of the classic and very successful Golden Reference, but also has the clarity and transparency of Clear. It can be internally bi-wired or tri-wired.


Standard Terminations: Cardas spades or bananas forged using 10,000psi 

Design/Construction: Matched Propagation Conductors, Kevlar core Grade 1, 99.9999% pure oxygen free copper with SPN clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions. Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in a FEP taped jacket. 

Geometry: Anti-static fiber core Tri-Quad 12 conductor with anti-static filler to separate the three groups bound together in FEP tape. Flexible TPR outer jacket.


För tillägg som extra 0,5m, bi-wire eller tri-wire, vänligen kontakta butiken.

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