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Origin Live Resolution


55 000,00 kr


Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





OBS: Tonarm säljs separat!


Origin Live Resolution is one of the highest performing turntables on the market, producing a sound way above its price rivals, with a performance that shows you why vinyl is held in such high esteem. The Resolution MK4 turntable is designed to recreate the original musical performance in its entirety – excellent dynamics, transient speed, definition, and tonal accuracy. Every aspect of its audio performance is strong, making for an unerringly enjoyable listening experience.




Mk5 Motor Power Supply

The Mk5 Motor Power Supply introduces a new PCB in the PSU on all decks offering even more speed stability and improved sonic performance than the former Light Speed Controller. Common problems like speed drift, motor jitter and cogging are avoided. Speed settings for 33.33 and 45 RPM are operated through one knob with no need for belt/platter change.


DC100 Motor

These high-grade Swiss motors demonstrate the powerful, smooth-running needed in a good turntable motor. Ironless cores eliminate eddy currents which result in low “clogging”, low vibration and speed stability. Motors are decoupled to minimize vibration and reduce audible noise.



The belt is manufactured in house using special material which increases grip and reduces stretch under instantaneous loading, using a unique material which dramatically improves on widely used neoprene rubber  – benefits include increased dynamics and deeper bass performance.


High Specification Power Supply

Carefully selected cables from premium suppliers are attached to motor circuitry that is designed to ensure the motor, the platter and your vinyl are running smoothly on a consistent power supply.



A well researched special plastic pulley that enables maximum belt grip, resulting in increased definition and dynamics. The Pulley used on the Resolution is produced to higher tolerances than that on the Aurora and Calypso.


Ultra-low Friction Bearing

Made in house, the new MK4 bearing has ultra low levels of vibration. The spindle rotates on a tungsten carbide ball bearing centred on a hardened thrust pad for low friction and long life. Low bearing friction is essential to avoid vibration. Unlike decks which “float” the platter using air or magnetic bearings, we believe “earthing” the energy out of the platter is essential for sound purity.


High-Performance Arm Board

The high-performance arm board is double the thickness of the standard arm board, but also features a weighty steel insert for the tonearm attachment. the added thickness, insert and mass help to minimize any unwanted vibration traveling through the tonearm Decoupled from the turntable plinth, the arm board is balanced in equilibrium with the platter and bearing house.


Suberb Styling

The Resolution’s circular forms evoke curving mid-century designs. The unmistakable profile and black polished finish make it an eye-catching asset for any décor.



Our unique suspension avoids both the softening of leading edges often found in suspended designs and the hardness in many non-suspended designs. The results are:


  • Superior pitch, rhythm, and timing
  • Rock-solid imaging
  • Reduced colouration
  • Refined presentation of low-level information
  • Easy to follow separation in the music and vocals

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