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Origin Live Agile


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The Origin Live Agile tonearm comes from an ambitious undertaking: to create a high end tonearm which improves on all that came before it. To achieve this it would have to surpass tough competition from within our own ranks, that of the Enterprise.


To deliver this definitive performance we scrutinised every aspect of design — Design that has been world-leading before* and is now. The Agile has undergone lengthy experimentation to achieve the lowest resonance possible, with every component tested, redesigned and revised to bring you an arm that is truly capable of getting the best from your music.


The thing you first notice is a remarkable increase in definition and clarity. Singers are more tangible. Instruments have more texture. There is less overhang in the bass so the mid-range becomes even more transparent. We are happy to present a high-end tonearm to lead the market and to bring the original sound, that much closer to you.


The Agile improves significantly on the Enterprise by:

  • Higher grade materials in the arm tube, rear stub, counterweight and turret plate.
  • More advanced stiffening techniques employed within the arm tube itself.
  • Larger Yoke with greater energy absorption capacity.
  • S-version Silver Hybrid cable on internal and external wiring.




Higher-strength, Low Resonance Arm Tube. The high-grade aircraft alloy tube is further stiffened with coatings and carbon fibre. The tube is also specially machined for improved resonance control. A long rear stub sleeve provides further reinforcement and this is carefully interfaced to provide maximum energy dissipation and minimal reflections. This frees up your cartridge to perform as it should – away from the colouration and disruption caused by resonance and reflected vibration.


Sleeved Rear-stub is further strengthened over lower models by using superior material and processing. This improves counterweight stability in vibration – thus enabling the arm tube to hold the cartridge more steadily.


Rigidly Attached Counterweight. The counterweight attachment has been carefully engineered to hold the arm tube more rigidly for cartridge stability whilst at the same time decoupling itself to minimize energy reflection back down the tube. The results are clearly heard in improved dynamics and a sense of power and control in the bass.


Low Resonance Counterweight. Counterweight resonance is reduced using a higher grade material and then applying a dampening coating.


Counterweight Fine Adjuster allows you to easily set the tracking force with a high degree of accuracy.


Headshell features improved de-coupling and lightweight finger-lift.


Sophisticated Yoke Design. The Yoke provides stability for the arm tube because the mass in the right place enhances dynamics and bass performance. The Agile yoke provides rock-solid stability without energy reflection. To minimize resonance it includes carefully machined cutouts.


Sophisticated Yoke Decoupling with several additional isolation interfaces from the vertical bearings.


Dual Pivot Bearings. For vertical arm movement, the bearings consist of Ultra-hard tungsten carbide points sitting in hardened and burnished steel cups. This combination not only delivers incredibly low friction levels but is also much more robust than jewelled bearings which tend to shatter under stress. These dual pivots feature a more refined design than arms below the Enterprise which further improves de-coupling. The results are incredible transparency, fluidity and retrieval of fine detail.


Ceramic Bearings. For horizontal arm movement, the ballbearings are upgraded to highly specified ultra-low friction Ceramic bearings.


Mirror Finished Yoke. The Yoke is finished with a true mirror surface and coated in Chrome Nitride. Using the same supplier as Rolex, this Chrome Nitride coating achieves an extremely high level of quality and durability.


Precise & Accessible VTA Adjuster. VTA can be adjusted precisely and infinitely using a large diameter calibrated dial. A further advantage is that all adjustments can be carried out above the arm-board (unlike lower arms in the range which demand access below the arm-board).


Falling Weight Side Bias. Tests show this to be the highest performing method of achieving side bias. It has lower friction, better constant force and lower resonance than other alternatives such as magnets, springs, levers and twisted threads.


Internal Wiring is ultra-low loss Silver Hybrid-S version producing greater transparency, detail and freedom from artefacts.


Silver-plated Headshell Clips. At such low signal levels, electrical interfaces can be heard and silver marginally outperforms gold.


External Cable is 1m Silver Hybrid-S version. A groundbreaking design with high-grade single point RCA plugs fits directly into your phono-stage or amplifier. This cable outperforms most on the market up to, and over £4000. It is described fully in the cable section of the website but suffice to say that even alone, it has produced a level of improvement which has kept many a listener up into the late hours re-listening to their record collection.


Rhodium-plated Single Point RCA Plugs. After testing numerous high-end RCA plugs these were selected for their outstanding performance. Single point contact has the advantage of reducing eddy currents and Rhodium with its ultra-smooth surface seems to provide a better interface for electrical joints.

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