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NAGRA 300i & 300P


300 000,00 kr

Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





A pioneer of high-fidelity



The 300B tube has a long and rich history. Invented in the laboratories of the Bell telephonecompany in 1938 for telephony applications, itenabled the development of more powerful relay transmitters to support the rapidly developing network.


The characteristics of this tube are proven without doubt and drew the attention of engineers in the cinema industry who, with the coming of sound to motion pictures, were looking to equip theatres with high quality sound installations. The innovation did not escape pioneering HiFi engineers either who, in turn, adopt it to create amplifiers until now unseen.


An attraction still current


The 300B triode was such a good development that it remains, even today, an unbeatable component for building exceptional amplifiers. Its linearity, low distortion and natural harmonic response close to ideal leaves modern transistors in its wake.


Other excellent triodes, such as the imposing 845 placed in honour on the Nagra VPA amplifiers, appeared later. However they never managed to dethrone the mythical 300B. It has traversed generations while maintaining its attraction. Integrated into high tech electronics, such as those developed by the Nagra engineers, it offers more than ever the pinnacle of musicality and audio performance.


Time defying creations


The integrated Nagra 300i and 300p power amplifier are not only a homage to one of the most mythical components in audio history, but is also Nagras’ way of underlining its attachment to his timeless creation on the occasion of its 60th anniversary year.


Like the “King of tubes”, Nagra equipment benefits from a range of time defying qualities. Employing the most advanced everlasting solutions, they stand out through their ability to deliver music in such a sovereign manner with no artefacts and with complete transparency.


Two versions around a single development


The development of the 300 series is built around two versions sharing a common technology yet implementing a different installation configuration.


The 300i integrated model aims for optimal compactness by uniting both a preamplifier and a stereo power amplifier in the same chassis. Remote-controllable, it is equipped with 4 inputs
and having all the different audio controls grouped on the front face.


The 300p stereo power amplifier is designed for those who prefer the preamplifier to be a separate unit. Connected to one of the Nagra tube models, they form a tandem of perfect  harmony, cut for extraordinary performances.

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