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Audio Note Kondo Kagura 2i


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SKU: 2950

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Kagura 211 parallel single ended monaural power amplifier has been accomplished by putting every know-how that Audio Note/Kondo created.


The world of elastic and coordinated sounds can be delineated only by analog amplifier, where music breathes of original sounds are brought back.


The new perspective flagship power amplifier is how Audio Note/Kondo would really like to be listened to by those who have been indulged in the deep charm of music.


Circuit design is configured with 12AU7~6SN7 x2 for amplification and 6SN7 x2 (cathode follower) for the driver stage to powerfully drive the large-scaled transmitter 211 tube.


These circuits are independently powered by grand-scale, low ripple and low impedance power supply sections supporting high purity amplification stages. Further, in order to attain prime audio quality expected from Kagura, each part stage has been re-examined and newly developed.

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