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Audio Note Kondo GE-1


163 000,00 kr

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Designed to be the companion Phono amplifier of Integrated amplifier Overture and Pre-amplifier G-70, GE-1 gives the best out of analog playback with high definition and rich musical characters.


The newly developed phono amplifier circuitry is fueled by a gigantic power supply section. This special design draws the charms out of all recordings no matter matching with vacuum tube or solid state amplifier.


With intimate and crystal clear sound, GE-1 will definitely fill your audio enjoyment with ultimate pleasures.


  • Output circuit is constructed by 2-stages NF+ cathode follower to reach low output impedance. It ensures freshness sound.
  • A cut core power transformer with minimal magnetic flux leakage is adopted, providing best foundation for good sound quality.
  • Decoupling capacitors are carefully placed along 4 different sections to create shortest routes on NFB paths, making signal loop with best purity.
  • High sound quality low cut-off filter at the output stage is formed by a signal coupling capacitor and a user selectable loading resistance.
  • Large scale bridge diode and TO3 transistor are employed at the DC heater circuit, realizing natural sound with deep texture.
  • With best component placements, signal wiring and ground layout over module structure.
  • Adopt original quality parts such as SSW (silk silver wire), silver foil capacitors etc.
  • Pure copper sub-chassis is used to realize lively and open sound.

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