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Audio Note Kondo G-1000i


1 270 000,00 kr

Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt





  • Newly developed 50 steps attenuator. The sheer volume of musical information uncovered is overwhelming.
  • Vacuum tubes adopted are 6072. Basic circuit is direct-coupling of plate follower and cathode follower. The parallel configuration (of plate follower) secured low output impedance for higher clarity. True balance input is added to G-1000 through adopting new in-house silver winding input transformer.
  • Capacitors groups are distributed along the line stage. This design serves big power supply capacity while signals loop can be shortened as much as possible.
  • All premium parts are used at G-1000. SSW (Silk Silver Wire), silver foil signal capacitors, original power transformer and choke are adopted. Main chassis is made of copper.
  • For providing a secure operating condition for G-1000, a large scale shunt type heater power supply circuit is newly used.

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