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Rosso Fiorentino Certaldo Series 2


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The new Certaldo series 2 is a mostly re-thought and re-designed system which takes the performance of our slim design floorstander up to the next level. It definitely performs out of its physical size. It already did, but now in an even more seductive and elegant way.


Certaldo series 2 inherits the hybrid rear/down firing loading system of the previous version and further develops it.
Enclosure volume was increased around 10% and in order to obtain a greater low-end octave authority and reduced distortion the 5.25” mid-woofers were re-engineered focusing on the motor venting system and suspension material.
An additional improvement was also provided by the underneath aluminium port with its redesigned and enlarged gradual flaring which contributed to the overall over-damped yet powerful bass performance.


Having demonstrated an excellent overall performance we decided to reconfirm the 1” neodymium wide surround silk dome tweeter used in the previous Certaldo. Thanks to the implementation of an all-new crossover, this unit has found a second youth integrating in an even more linear way with the midwoofers. Like its sibling Pienza, the Certaldo features a highly sophisticated enclosure, where a blend of mechanically different materials helps to render the cabinet incredibly still and inert allowing the wonderfully accurate and detailed drivers to operate with utmost clarity and dynamics.


Certaldo series2 implements a totally re-engineered crossover circuit which provides a more extended low frequency emission, a higher efficiency and a practically ‘resistive’ impedance which makes it possible to pair this model with a wide range of electronics.
The use of top quality components like the custom Rosso capacitors made by ClarityCap, thick film resistors and our new made in Italy inductors adds that extra touch of refinement and dynamics to the full sound of this speaker.


A simple, clean and slim design with a refined soul, visually underlined by its precious construction details.  

A slim, elegant floorstander designed to blend in style into your home with a surprising acoustic presence usually found in a much larger speaker.

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