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Cayin Soul 170i


83 900,00 kr

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Speaker terminals for 4 and 8 ohm speakers are located on the rear panel of the Amplifier.

User bias controls for KT170 Power Tubes have been used for bias adjustment and one meter has been added to the top plate to allow you to monitor bias with ease.

Anodized aluminum front, fully vented chassis with excellent gorgeous finish, and wood side panels give you a product of art in front of your eyes.


Soul 170I, same as other products from Cayin emplys Point to Point wiring. 

The entire circuitry including signal path is painstakingly hand wired with heavy-gauge cable by craftsman.


Soft-start circuit and High Voltage Delay to protect the amplifier for extended life of sensitive components.

High Voltage Fuses are used in the amplifier for protection which are located on the top plate close to the Power tubes. 

In case there were failure of tubes the Fuse will react first that you can know easily where the issue is.

Premium Parts: Alps volume control, Porcelain Tube Sockets, Audio grade capacitors and carbon film resistors, 


Toroid transformer for power supply, Wide bandwidth EI output transformer, etc.

Output transformers are the most important part of any tube amp. 

They determine how low the bass will reach and how high the top end goes. 

Cayin output transformers are custom-designed, wound in-house, and massive. 

Enable compliciated multi-layer winding and multiple impedance output to match with different needs. 


Carefully matched output will sound Blanced, natural and realistic across the complete audio spectrum.

Custom designed Toroid Power transformer with strong power production and extreme low hum level provides a reliable performance and extradonary control.

Standard with remote control, Soul 170I can memorize last operation of the unit once switched off.

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