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Cayin HA-300 Mk2 Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier


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The HA300 MK2 is a Class A, single-ended triode vacuum tube headphone and speaker amplifier that pushes the envelope of tube amplification when it comes to practicality, performance, and refinement.  



The Pursuit of the Direct Heated Triode (DHT)

Direct heated triode (DHT) is the tube amplifier holy grail. DHT refers to triode tubes that use the cathode as the filament to heat up the cathode directly. This minimalistic approach offers stellar dynamics and transients.


The Irresistible 300B

300B is the most renowned and sought-after DHT because of its dreamy tonal characteristic. The HA-300MK2 uses a matched pair of Gold Lion Genelex PX300B low-noise audio triodes as power output tubes. These tubes deliver a natural and realistic sound with impressive frequency extension.


Beautiful and Durable Design

The HA-300MK2 features a brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy front panel, which provides strength and corrosion resistance. The panel is black anodized for added durability and scratch protection. The chassis and transformer pots are treated by Cayin's proprietary 14-round crafting process composed of scratch, spray, sanding, and baking. The high gross final finishing endows a refined and delicate texture while protecting the amplifier from years of long service.


Less Is More: A Simple Circuit Design

Single-ended triode (SET) amplifiers use a single triode vacuum tube to produce amplification without splitting the music signal into parts. A pair of driver tubes amplifies the signal voltage so that the 300B output tube will perform its amplification in a linear fashion. 

Cayin has developed many 300B-based SET amplifiers, and 6SN7 is always the first choice for a driver tube. The HA-300MK2 uses a matched pair of Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB tubes to complete the two-stage SET amplification.



2-Box Design

The HA300MK2 uses a two-box design. The outboard power supply minimizes ripple effect and offers clean, low-noise power to the amplification circuit. The multi-tube regulated power supply circuit feeds power to different amplification stages independently.


New Old Stock (NOS) Rectifier Tubes

The HA-300MK2 uses 4x NOS 22DE4 tubes from RCA, one of the best versions of 22DE4 available in the tube market. Unlike output tubes, rectifier tubes don't involve heavy lifting load, and can last very long with deteriorating. Plus, there is no matching requirement; they can be replaced on a per-piece basis.


Power Supply Transformer

The outboard power supply is driven by a high-inductance, high-efficiency toroidal power transformer, which Cayin designs and winds in-house.



Driver tubes: Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB (matched pair)

Output tubes: Gold Lion Genalex PX300B (matched pair)

Recitifer: NOS RCA 22DE4 x4

A specially designed vacuum tube shielding cage protects users from touching red-hot vacuum tubes during operation.



Balanced Driven from Single-Ended Triode Amplifier

The 300B SET output drives a pair of proprietary output transformers, supporting both headphones and speakers. The secondary winding of the output transformers provides an alternative phase and compose a balanced output, enables balanced driven from an SET amplification circuit. Both single-ended and balanced headphone output are "original" outputs from the transformers. With a pair of EL Transformers, the HA-300MK2 delivers a natural and realistic sound across the frequency range.


In-house Designed and Wound Transformers

With a pair of EI Transformers,  HA-300MK2 delivers a natural and realistic sound across the frequency range. Cayin designs and winds the all transformers in-house.



Impedance Matched Phone Out

Optimized output to handle headphone loading according to three headphone impedance settings:

  • Low (L): 8Ω~64Ω
  • Medium (M): 65Ω-250Ω
  • High (H): 251Ω~600Ω

Matching headphone impedance should produce a natural sound with well-defined bass reproduction. It is different from gain control of a solid state amplifier. Planar magnetic headphones are more sensitive to impedance matching than dynamic headphones, but users can try different impedance settings.


Carefully Optimized Headphone Outputs  

The HA-300MK2 offers three headphone outputs

  • 6.3mm single-ended
  • 4.4mm balanced
  • 4-pin XLR balanced


The XLR4 output is a fully balanced output, but the 4.4mm output is optimized for wider range of headphones, including high-sensitivity portable headphones. 4.4mm is level-matched, lower noise, lower power output with the same audio performance. At "low" headphone impedance, the 4.4mm output delivers roughly 70% of 4-pin XLR output only.


Powerful and Effortless  

Combinations all audiophiles will cherish and admired: purity of single-ended triode amplifier, dreamy sound signature of 300B, and authoritative dynamic and control when called for.

With up to 6w per channel, provides all the power you need to handle vast selection of headphones, from portable friendly dynamics to extremely demanding planars.



Low noise low distortion electronic controlled resistor ladder analogue volume controller JRC MUSE72320V, commonly used in high-end preamplifiers and streamers.

4-channel in one integrated controller offers high precision and zero channel imbalanced.

ALPS balanced potentiometer as 41-steps encoder to provide precise and intuitive control that we are all familiar with.



Quick-release Connection  

The HA300 MK2 features lock-on & quick-release aviation-grade copper connectors. A silver-plated Teflon umbilical cable connects between outboard power supply and amplifier circuit.

Dual Inputs  

Balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) cover a variety of inputs. Balanced input will go through a pair of input transformers, the + and – half cycle will merge to become a single-ended signal.


Speaker Output  

Users can toggle between speaker and headphone output. With 8W per channel Class A output, the amplifier can driver high-sensitivity speakers or common bookshelf speakers in a small listening area.



Anti-Interference Improves Listening Experience  

Custom-made silica gel shock absorbers between critical tube components, the chassis mainframe, and tube sockets effectively removes microphonics. Reinforced shielding of transformers and effective circuit layout minimize interference. Finally, a 60-second startup delay circuit enhances circuit protection and minimizes pop noise during startup.

Cayin is a division of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. Founded in 1993, the company manufacturers hi-fi products at a variety of price points, including tube amplifiers, CD players, speakers, digital to analog converters (DACs), digital audio players (DAPs), and more.

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