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Cayin CS-100A


37 900,00 kr

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The new dual-mode Cayin Audio CS-100A tube amplifier is rated at 80 watts per channel in Class AB Ultra-linear mode and 50-watts per channel in triode mode. With an on-board bias meter, the integrated amplifier can run either KT-88 or EL family tubes and uses silver internal wiring. 

The CS-100A incorporates a 6SN7 tube for voltage amplification, 

12AU7EH for phase inversion/voltage amplification and 12BH7EH for voltage amplification and driver stages, with KT-88 or EL-34 output valves. 

Soft-Start circuitry protects the amplifier and extends the life of internal components and tubes. 

A high grade Alps volume control, audio-grade capacitors, carbon film resistors, toroidal transformer for power supply and wide-bandwidth EI output transformers are all standard.

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