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Franco Serblin Accordo svart och valnöt

Franco Serblin Accordo

The creation of Accordo

The chord is one of the foundations of music, essential for the tuning of a musical instrument.
Without preconceptions, if we consider a large orchestra, a single instrument or a piece of music, there is a chord at the base of it all.
Voicing a speaker involves the tuning and harmonising of the different parts into something uniquely expressive and coherent: from the drivers to the crossover parts, from the cabinet to its support, the singularity of each element blends into a whole, a presence capable of giving to listeners the “quality of illusion”.


Miniaturize to expand

The beauty of limitations: how to surpass with a small speaker the evocative ability of a big one.
To miniaturise in order to expand: leaving mass, encumbrance and, of course, frequency range to gain air and immediacy. A renunciation that is, in actuality, an achievement.


The stand

The support: a fundamental element for aesthetic and functional balance, it also includes the crossover, freeing the acoustical chamber from its presence; a definitive solution to avoiding potential interference with the drivers.