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Nyhetsbrev | November 2023


Månadens produkt: NYA Franco Serblin Accordo Goldberg edition

Nya Accordo Goldberg-högtalarna från Franco Serblin är en högtalare med tillhörande stativ som delar samma form med Accordo. Goldberg-versionen har betydligt större kabinett, tillverkat i solid valnöt. Accordo Goldberg har ett nyutvecklat delningsfilter som ger betydligt mer bas i ljudbilden.

"My passion for music, as well as my interest for musical instruments

and their materials, have led my research since the early 1980's.

Lutes and violins, through the use of wood, strings, their forms

and the harmonies of their constitution, have inspired my systems."

- Franco Serblin

Högtalare från Franco Serblin låter mötet med musiken transcendera till en andlig upplevelse. HiFi Stället är mycket stolta att kunna representera Franco Serblin.

"Dearest Mr. Serblin, I am sitting in front of the speakers and, whilst listening to my album... I felt the need to sit down in front of the computer to write and congratulate you for the quality of these speakers and the pleasure they give me whilst listening. Even my voice seems warmer and more beautiful!! A real home theatre, where the singer is right there, in front of you. ...many congratulations for "a possession for ever"."

- Andrea Bocelli.

Specificationer - Franco Serblin Accordo Goldberg

Frequency Response: 39-23000Hz

Nominal impedance: 7 ohm, minimum 3.8 ohm at 5500hz

Sensitivity: 2.83V1 m:87 dB

Minimum power amplifier: 40W/channel

Speaker dimensions: 40,5×24×43cm (HWD)

Stand height: 74cm

Weight: 25Kg/pair speaker unpacked – 28Kg/pair packed

16Kg/pair stand unpacked – 23Kg/pair packed

Finish: Solid wood – Metal parts of chrome and aluminium

Riktpris: --- under produktion ---


Acoustic Energy Corinium

Acoustic Energy är ett stolt brittiskt företag som nu lanserar golvhögtalaren Corinium. Ett ambitiöst projekt som väcker stort intresse och beröm.

“The speaker must deliver a musical performance. Consider a performer, a singer sat on a chair playing a guitar. Where does the sound come from? Assuming there’s no amplification, the mid and high frequency sounds come directly from the mouth of the singer and the strings of the guitar. Then there’s a separate component of the sound, which is the low frequencies, this is the omni directional, room coupled bass sound. Now think of a band with a PA system, these systems typically have the subwoofers turned down low with a top box handling the mid and high frequencies, either pole mounted above the sub, or for larger soundscape, suspended from a truss. It’s a familiar arrangement known to provide the optimum musical result, as it separates the mid-range from the in-room acoustic and avoids the separate bass source and mid frequencies muddying together. The Hi-Fi equivalent to this set up is the stand-mount speaker plus subwoofer system. Although this arrangement is known to offer good results, the main issue which prevents the highest performance is the integration between the speaker and the subwoofer, reflecting the fact that it wasn’t designed from the ground up as a complete system.

So if we design a mid-sized floor-standing speaker featuring mid and high frequency drivers at ear height with a lower subwoofer section to couple to and drive the room, then we could combine stand-mount and floor-standing speaker benefits and produce a source, which is acoustically familiar to live music. If such a source was time coincident at the listening position and designed as a whole system it would offer the best possible integrated sound-field.

This is how we arrived at Corinium.”

Utförandet i klassiska British Racing green ger ett vackert och imponerande intryck.

Riktpris: 70,000 SEK

BRG: 80,000 SEK


Dynaudio EMIT kampanj i November

Emit är fantastiskt prisvärda högtalare. 25% rabatt erbjuds på hela serien, samtliga modeller finns på lager i alla tillgängliga färgval.


McIntosh MQ112 Equalizer

Nytt från USA är McIntosh MQ112 EQ. Perfekt tillbehör i lyssnings-, hembio- och studioanläggningen.

"The quest for perfect sounding audio in your house can be frustrating as virtually no space in a home is designed with sound reproduction in mind. This can lead to constant tinkering with acoustic treatments, changing speaker placement, or even rearranging furniture (which may not go over too well with other members of the household). Instead of wasting time fiddling with your system or room, take control of your sound with the MQ112 Environmental Equalizer and spend more time listening to your music."

Justera ljudbilden till perfektion. Återupptäck äldre inspelning och via MQ112 andas nytt liv i dem. MQ112 är det främsta verktyget att nyttja för att justera ljudbilden efter önskemål.

"At the heart of the MQ112 lies an 8-band analog equalizer (also called a stereo equalizer) that allows you to increase or decrease the levels of the audio signal at 8 key bands in the 25Hz – 10kHz audio frequency range. Think of it as a sonic sculptor that allows you to finely tune the audio signal. With an impressive ±12dB range of adjustment for each band, you can easily cope with any sound challenge. The MQ112 is the solution you need to enhance or subdue particular instrument ranges or voice types, transforming your listening experience."

Du vågar att använda equalizer! Unna dig ljudet du längtar.

Läs mer om MQ112:

Riktpris: 45,900 SEK



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