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Nyhetsbrev | Januari 2024


Månadens produkt:

Accuphase E-280

Denna japanska integrerade förstärkare är ditt insteg i ljudvärlden från Accuphase. Obestridd kvalitet, precisionskonstruerad och serverar musiken precis som den är. Musiken som bäst, helt oförställd och fritt klingande.

E-280 är relativt liten och behändig och levererar över 100W i 4 ohm och nära på 100W i 8 ohm.

"The AAVA volume control builds upon the knowledge of high-end equipment to control volume without loss of information. The power amplification section utilizes the instrumentation amplifier principle to create an ideal speaker driver. The low impedance design of the output circuitry brings out the full potential of every speaker. Two option boards can be added for improved expandability. The E-280 sound performance will defy the imagination."

- Accuphase

Riktpris: 60 000 SEK


McIntosh fyller 75 år! Det ska firas.

Legendariska McIntosh Laboratory grundades 1949 och nu 75 år senare lanseras en specialserie produkter i jubileumsversioner.

Från McIntosh:

We are kicking off our 75th Anniversary celebration by introducing the new MC2.1KW Monoblock Power Amplifier and a series of 75th Anniversary Editions of four existing products.

The MC2.1KW Monoblock Amplifier

Available in 2024 as special McIntosh 75th Anniversary Edition


The reference level McIntosh MC2.1KW Monoblock Power Amplifier is the ultimate power in home audio amplification. Our 75 years of experience as the leader of sound reproduction has led us to the MC2.1KW. The pinnacle of audio amplification, the MC2.1KW stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to sonic perfection.



Anniversary Edition


Anniversary Edition


Anniversary Edition


Anniversary Edition

We proudly uphold the principles that have defined our identity by crafting special 75th Anniversary Editions of select products. These models are available with optional anniversary markings consisting of a dual anodized laser-engraved badge proudly displaying our 75th Anniversary logo on the top of the unit, while each handle is engraved with a graceful "75 years" inscription.

Riktpris: POA


Nya titlar från Stockfisch Records & nytt format - DMM DUBPLATE.

Skivbolaget Stockfisch-Records har nya skivsläpp ute. Kända för sina mycket välproducerade och välinspelade album, samt exklusiva upplagor. 

"A new format: The Stockfisch DMM-DUBPLATE.


It’s always exciting when you go from an end product, such as a vinyl record, to its original source. Our DMM Dubplate does exactly that. In the process of pressing a vinyl record from an LP-master, a lot of sound details get lost. The DMM Dubplate is of course no alternative to a mass product such as the familiar pressed vinyl record. Still, this experiment is surely very insightful and highly enjoyable for ambitious listeners.


Here’s some technical information about our new format:


Our DMM Lathe cuts the audio into a copper plated steel disc. We normally use this process to create a 14" DMM-Master that is sent to pressing plants for the production of vinyl records. Our new DMM-Dubplate however, is about the same size as a regular vinyl record (though a bit larger, due to technical reasons). This makes it possible to play it on any record player and helps you bypass the loss in sound quality that is caused by the additional steps in the production of records, such as galvanic processes and the pressing of the vinyl.


The DMM-Dubplate avoids issues like pre-echos and crackling noises. The high purity phosphate-copper has very little groove noise and clicking noises are seldom. The tracking force of the tonearm can be left as is. Only one side of a DMM disc is recordable since the backside is not copper plated. Because every DMM Dubplate is unique, the client’s name will be handwritten on the label."

- Stockfisch


Kampanj Dynaudio EMIT i Januari

Emit är fantastiskt prisvärda högtalare. 25% rabatt erbjuds på hela serien, samtliga modeller finns på lager i alla tillgängliga färgval.



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