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Wilson Audio WATCH Center Channel Series 3


139 900,00 kr

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Time & Sound

Wilson center-channel loudspeakers have always been modular and adjustable in the time domain. The adjustable tweeter module facilitates precise time alignment between the center channel and the front stereo speakers, creating a completely coherent and three-dimensional sound field. Now, as a result of enhancements to the tweeter-module mounting hardware, these adjustments are achieved with greater precision and ease.



The WATCH Convergent Synergy utilizes X-Material in both tweeter and woofer enclosures. S-Material, Wilson’s latest composite first used in the Sasha, now finds its place in the WATCH Convergent Synergy’s mid-woofer baffle. The new cabinet minimizes enclosure resonances and enhances the Center’s settling characteristics, allowing for better micro dynamics and deeper shades of black. 



The real magic of any loudspeaker happens in the midrange. Utilizing two of the legendary Wilson midrange drivers from Sophia Series 3, the third generation Wilson Center Channel offers levels of midrange dynamic speed and alacrity that are hallmarks of Wilson’s floor-standing loudspeakers.


Home Theater/Music System Integration

The WATCH Convergent Synergy’s front baffle is angled upward, directing the sound more correctly at the listener’s ears, especially important when the Center is mounted low, beneath a screen.

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