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The electricity network in our homes or workplaces is exposed to different interferences for instance radio frequency interreference (RFI) electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by appliances connected to the same network (refrigerators, air conditioners, computers etc.).


These interferences are not only produced inside your house or office but by all appliances in your building or even far outside it and can differ on the time of day or week when the traffic on the electrical network changes.


All these interferences which we call noises can get into your AC power and interfere with your system.


This “dirty” electricity can have a negative effect on performance of your audio-video system.


We already offer a line of power conditioners and filters (PC and PF series) and now to complement our strive to limit those unwanted mains pollutions we have developed an efficient power cord which can be used to power our PF filters and all kind of audio-video and other electronics devices.


We focused on the following key factors which are crucial for developing a very good power cord:

  • Multi-stranded, ultra-high purity 99% Oxygen Free Copper is used as conductor material for the best conductivity and transfer;
  • Thick HDPE dialectics to properly insulate and separate the conductors from external interferences;
  • 2-level shielding: braided pure copper layer and aluminum foil to limit RFI and EMI interferences;
  • Pure copper ground wire;
  • Double PVC jackets;
  • High-quality Schuko plug with non-magnetic brass, rhodium plated pins and ground and solid IEC C13 connector with rhodium plated contacts to provide extreme conductivity, insulation and connection. Both can withstand 16A / 250V loads.


Thanks to our power cords your system will open up with superior dynamics, tighter bass, sweeter treble and improved depth and imaging.


TAGA Harmony ETPC-TS CORD terminated with Schuko plug and IEC C13 connector. Terminated lenghts: 1.2 m 

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