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Bang & Olufsen BM5 mikrofon


8 900,00 kr

Moms ingår | Över 1000kr fri frakt






Jättefint begagnat skick. Nära på nyskick.
Kommer i originalkartong.
Ny kabel är tillverkad. DIN till XLR.

Mikrofonen är tonsvept genom dess frekvensomfång och fungerar perfekt. Protokoll medföljer. Plug and play.

Fri frakt inom Sverige.

Stereo bandmikrofon från Beo.

First stereo ribbon in the world

the B&O BM5 is composed of the models BM6 and BM7 which are plugged on top of each other
upper and lower part can be adjusted up to 90° to one another
role model for Royer Labs’ SF12
low hum sensitivity
round and pleasant tone
because of the figure-8 pattern it is predestined for Blumlein stereo (90°)
even with smaller angle adjustments one can achieve great results
when recording in stereo a good room acoustic is essential
the microphone for hire was overhauled by ribbon specialist Stewart Tavener (Xaudia)
manufacturing period: 1961-1972

Favourite applications: overhead, room mic, string ensembles, wind sections

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