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Audio Note Kondo G-70i

Audio Note Kondo G-70i

  • High quality handcrafting with module style line amplifier section, best component placements, signal wiring and ground layout.
  • Strong power supply section along with 700uF huge reservoir by combining 3 types of capacitor in individual left and right channel. Delivering natural and stress-free music over the whole frequency band.
  • The newly developed DC heater circuit uses all premium parts selected through long time listening tests.
    • Product: Stereo line preamplifier
    • Model: G-70 i
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 240kHz (+0dB -3dB, with 100kΩ load)
    • Gain: 25dB
    • Input / Impedance: 4pairs(RCA, Unbalanced) / 50kΩ **2021/4 100kΩ→50kΩ
    • Output: 2 pairs (RCA, over 20kΩ load)
    • Noise: lower than 0.15mV
    • Tubes: 6072 x2, 6X4 x1
    • Power consumption: 21W
    • Dimension: 303mm(W) 160mm(H) 408mm(D)
    • Weight: 17.5kg
349 000,00 krPris
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